With support from the Education Bureau (EDB), JQRC undertook to conduct a tracking survey of two cohorts of graduates (2005 and 2006) from self-financed Associate Degree (AD) and Higher Diploma (HD) programmes offered by its member institutions as well as the Vocational Training Council (VTC), on the courses they studied and their post-graduation experiences.

The study aims to track the views of two batches of graduates on the usefulness of the courses, their content, delivery and other concerns while they were students, and their post-qualification experiences and progression pathways. The results indicate the destination of recent AD and HD graduates from self-financed sub-degree divisions of the UGC and government funded institutions, which may provide pointers for academic policies and planning.

A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect the required information. The questionnaires were mailed to graduates of 2005 and 2006 cohorts in November 2007. A telephone interviewing method was adopted from February to April 2008. Quantitative data from the survey were supplemented by qualitative views obtained through the conduct of eight focus group meetings from May to July 2008.

Major findings from the study were released in a press meeting held in June 2009. For details please see Press Releases & Speeches Section. View the full Report on Tracking Survey on Graduates of Self-financed AD and HD Programmes on this site or the IPASS website.







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