An Academic Council has been set up under the JQRC Board of Directors, comprising Board of Directors and a number of senior academics from both member and non-member institutions and also professionals from industry/commerce, to formulate strategies and to advise on and implement the quality assurance framework for the peer review of the Self-financed Sub-degree Programme Units (SSPUs) of member institutions. 

In 2006, the Academic Council recommended to the JQRC Board of Directors a two-stage review framework, consisting of a Preview and an Institutional Review (IR).

The Academic Council formulates the review methodology and criteria and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors before finalizing the review framework for implementation. The Academic Council is responsible for undertaking the two-stage review, forming the Review Panels and endorsing the review reports for submission to the Board of Directors.

Following the first cycle of Institutional Review SSPUs are required to submit Interim Reports to the Academic Council reporting on progress and on their response to the Institutional Review recommendations. (For details, see Review Framework.)

Alongside the two-stage Review Framework, JQRC performs another assessment role with regard to the Self-financed Sub-degree (SFSD) programmes which SSPUs of member institutions propose to upload on the Qualifications Register (QR). This endorsement role is also undertaken by the Academic Council. (For details, see Programme Endorsement for QR)


Membership of the Academic Council


 Professor Chetwyn C. H. CHAN (Chairman, JQRC)



 Professor May M. H. CHENG (Deputy Chairman, JQRC)

 Professor Isabella W. Y. POON (Director, JQRC)

 Professor Christian WAGNER (Director, JQRC)

 Dr. Ella P. O. CHAN (Director, School of Continuing and Professional Studies,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

 Professor C. N. CHANG (President, Chu Hai College of Higher Education)

 Ms. Dorte KRISTOFFERSEN (Executive Director, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of

Academic and Vocational Qualifications)

 Professor Y. H. LUI (President, Tung Wah College)

 Mr. Timothy K. W. MA (Member of Service Development and Social Engagement,

Subcommittees, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association)

 Professor H. C. MAN (Dean, Faculty of Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

 Ir Dr. K. S. SO (Academic Registrar, Hong Kong Baptist University)

 Ms. W. S. WONG (Executive Director, JQRC)




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