The growth in the number of self-financing places at both degree and sub-degree levels since the year 2000 has been remarkable.  According to the review conducted by Government in 2006, the post-secondary education participation rate has increased from about 33% in the 2000/01 academic year to over 60% in 2005/06.  Government announced this year, that this rate is fast approaching 70% in the near future.  Self-Financed Sub-Degree programme providers have played an important role in this expansion of post-secondary education in response to the policy objective of the Government of Hong Kong SAR. 

Following this expansion, Self-Financed Sub-Degree providers have had the need to re-visit and re-position their programmes in order to face the challenges consequent upon the implementation of the New Academic System, including changes in the higher education system, from the 3-year to the 4-year degree --- as well as the changes in the Hong Kong economy and labour force in recent years.

As one of the roles of JQRC is to assist member institutions to maintain and improve the quality of the provision of Self-Financed Sub-Degree programmes through formative feedback and sharing of good practices, JQRC has organized the following seminars for member institutions.


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18 December 2013

The Challenges in the Next Five Years and Their Impact

20 March 2014

The Teaching of Sub-Degrees










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