In 2009, JQRC also successfully completed the production of a handbook on good practices titled as Good Practices in Quality Assurance: A Handbook for Sub-degree Sector. It is the result of the collective efforts of the Expert Group formed under the Tripartite Liaison Committee (TLC) and the contributing institutions. The Expert Group was made up of representatives of self-financed sub-degree providers, QA experts and the QA agencies. They worked together for over a year to develop a handbook on good practices in quality assurance for the sub-degree sector. The TLC, comprising the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and the Joint Quality Review Committee Limited (JQRC), has been the driving force behind this project. JQRC was appointed by the Education Bureau as the Professional Consultant to compile the Handbook. The Institutional Reviews of member institutions conducted by JQRC have provided a substantial number of the examples cited in the Handbook.

The Handbook combines general principles and institutional experience and can serve as a reference for both providers and QA agencies.

The objectives of the Handbook are to:

 provide a reference document for the sub-degree sector on the essential quality assurance principles and key elements of good practice;

 promote and share good practice among institutions doing similar work;

 enhance the consistency of quality assurance across the sector;

 improve the overall quality of the sector;

 generate further discussion of QA principles and methods; and

 encourage variation and innovation in the design and implementation of QA.


The Education Bureau has launched the Handbook at a Seminar held on 5 January 2010. The electronic version of the Handbook is also available on the EDB website.


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