Impact of the New “334” Academic Structure on the Self-financed Sub-degree Programme Units — Meeting the Challenges through Professional Exchange


Funded by the Quality Enhancement Grant (QEG) of the Education Bureau, JQRC is organizing a two-year project (The Project) titled ‘The Impact of the New ‘334’ Academic Structure on the Self-financed Sub-degree Programme Units – Meeting the Challenges through Professional Exchange’.

The Project aims to provide fruitful support and guidance to the Self-financed Sub-degree Programme Units (SSPUs) in the implementation of the new 334 academic structure, through research and consultation, and the launching of professional exchange and development activities, so as to facilitate transition and promote teaching and learning quality.

To implement the Project, starting in December 2009 JQRC is launching a series of seminars, subject-based forums, experience-sharing sessions and a symposium for different target groups of SSPUs. The seminars and forums are supported by research into the Self-financed Sub-degree (SFSD) market, and the developmental needs of SSPUs in preparation for the 334 change.

Project Objectives

 Facilitating senior management and staff of the SSPUs to understand and prepare for the changes, challenges and impact of the new academic structure upon teaching and learning in SFSD programmes.

 Assisting staff in SSPUs to prepare for the transition and ensure effective teaching and learning strategies and appropriate curriculum and assessment methods for the new SFSD programmes.

 Assisting the degree sector to understand the impact of 334 upon the SFSD sector and to prepare better for the intake of SFSD graduates under the new system.

 Promoting the quality of teaching and ensuring the quality of the student learning experience under the new academic system, thereby facilitating a smooth transition for sub-degree students to enter the workforce or pursue further study.

 Enhancing the professional development and peer learning culture among staff of the SSPUs through professional exchange activities.

 Encouraging the SSPUs to establish peer support networks in the long run so as to extend the culture of partnership after the completion of the project.


Project Organization

Project Director:


Dr. SO Kwok Sang

Deputy Chairman, JQRC and Registrar, The Hong Kong Institute of Education


Deputy Project Director:


Professor T. S. CHAN

Immediate Past Chairman, JQRC and Associate Vice President (Academic Quality Assurance) & Shun Hing Chair Professor of Marketing, Lingnan University


Deputy Project Director:

Professor Kit-tai HAU

Member of Board of Directors, JQRC and Chairman of University Extension Board, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Project Advisor:



Professor Richard Yan-ki HO

Former Member of Board of Directors, JQRC and Professor of College of Business, City University of Hong Kong


Project Coordinator:


Ms. W. S. WONG

Executive Director, JQRC



Seminars (click to view)

4 December 2009

18 October 2010

11 March 2010

25 November 2010

25 May 2010

21 January 2011

20 September 2010

25 March 2011

JQRC Fifth Anniversary cum QEG Project Symposium

13 June 2011

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