To help ensure the quality of self-financed sub-degree (SFSD) programmes of JQRCs member institutions, JQRC has a role in assessing these programmes for classification and placement onto the Qualifications Register (QR), the online database of programmes of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF).

The HKSAR Government has officially launched the QF in 2008 to facilitate articulation among academic, vocational and continuing education and training. QF is established as a seven-level cross-sectoral hierarchy of qualifications, aiming to enable individuals to pursue lifelong learning. Each level of the QF from the lowest Level 1 to the highest Level 7, is characterized by the outcome-based Generic Level Descriptors (GLD). Education and training programmes are then benchmarked against the GLD of the corresponding levels.

To quality assure the qualifications registered on the QR, and to engender public confidence and acceptance of the qualifications, a quality assurance mechanism is set up. All QF-recognized qualifications are quality assured by an appropriate authority. JQRC is responsible for the Self-Financed Sub-Degree (SFSD) programmes of self-accrediting institutions under the University Grants Committee, while the degree-level programmes of these institutions are internally accredited. The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) accredits programmes of the non-self-accrediting institutions. Qualifications from both self-accrediting and non-self-accrediting institutions can then be registered in the QF web-based database. For further details, please visit the QF and QR websites.

The launching of the QF enables a standard system of benchmarking of qualifications against the stipulated outcomes of the QF, and also against other qualifications. Thus an Associate Degree (AD) or Higher Diploma (HD) programme will normally be pitched at Level 4 of the QF and accredited/ quality assured programmes will be uploaded onto the QR as a Level 4 qualification.  For programmes from Self-financed Sub-degree Programme Units (SSPUs) of member institutions, JQRC performs an important endorsement role to assess and endorse each of the programmes, specifically the following:

 QF Level

 QF Credit

 Area of Study/Training

 Validity Period

The JQRC Academic Council vets all submitted programmes with respect to their proposed levels for new programmes, re-endorses existing programmes, and also any proposed major amendments for endorsed programmes. In conducting the assessment, reference is made to a host of factors including the proposed QF level, QF credits, objectives and learning outcomes, duration and entry requirements of the programme, amongst others. There are Working Groups (WGs) formed to assist the AC to review the programmes submitted for the QR.

During the period from 2008 to 2013, JQRC has endorsed over 1,400 new programmes proposed by SSPUs of member institutions for uploading onto the QR. In 2011 and 2012, over 700 existing SFSD programmes have been re-endorsed for the QR. Endorsement of programmes for compliance with QF credits has started in April 2013. As at January 2014, there are around 1,000 active SFSD programmes operated by SSPUs of member institutions.

There is a separate Review Procedure for the review of assessment outcomes, whereby the SSPUs may apply for a review of those cases where they disagree with the outcome endorsed by JQRC.



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