Monitoring role : interim report and

annual return & supplementary update

Interim Report

As a follow-up to the first cycle of Institutional Reviews (IR), SSPUs are required to submit Interim Reports to JQRC. This Interim Report stage has commenced in 2010 .



 To follow up on issues identified in the IR and recommendations made in the IR reports

 As a mid-term report on progress and changes in quality assurance systems at the SSPUs

 As a mid-term self-evaluation in preparation for future developments and the second cycle of IR

 Interim Report Procedures

 Submission of an Interim Report by Institution/SSPUs;

 Consideration of the Interim report by a Review Panel;

 Site visit will be conducted if considered necessary by the Review Panel;

 Finalization of observations/recommendations in a Report.

 Content of Interim Report

 Response to IR Report

 Quality Assurance (QA) Developments: Brief outline of changes/developments in different areas:

 Governance, planning & institutional/SSPU objectives

 Programme design, approval, implementation & monitoring

 Benchmarking and Qualifications Framework

 Admission & Assessment

 Student Support

 Staffing & Teaching Quality

 Management of Information & Access

 Responsibility for Quality Assurance

 Evidence of Quality Assurance

 Selective evidence showing implementation/improvements made to QA

 A paper trail of 2 to 3 programmes showing different stages of QA


The Reviews were conducted between April 2010 and February 2012. JQRC subsequently released a Summary Report on Review of Interim Reports in December 2012 (for further details, please see Publications Section).



Annual Return & Supplementary Update

The Annual Return is an Annual update of information on indicators of quality assurance for Associate Degree (AD) /Higher Diploma (HD) programmes, including the admission profile of students. It is submitted by SSPUs offering AD/HD programmes. JQRC plays a role in monitoring the admission profile of AD/HD programmes, in accordance with the Common Descriptors of AD/ HD Programmes.

The Supplementary Update is a brief annual update on changes and developments, applicable to all SSPUs. The Annual Return and Supplementary Update will be considered by the Review Panel together with the Interim Report.



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