The objectives of JQRC are to operate within the limits of institutional autonomy, and act on behalf of the members to:

1. provide for and implement a framework for peer review capable of assuring the quality of self-financing, sub-degree programmes of the continuing education units and other departments or colleges of the members;

2. advise the members on the appropriate placement of these sub-degree programmes in the Qualifications Register to be drawn up by the Education Bureau in Hong Kong;

3. advise the members, as requested, on the standards of, and, if requested by a member of the Company, to validate, any self-financing programme which the member intends to offer; and

4. assist the members to maintain and improve the quality of the provision of self-financing, sub-degree programmes through formative feedback and sharing of good practice.

The remit of JQRC covers the quality assurance processes for the self-financing sub-degree programmes offered by the continuing education units, community colleges, and other departments / divisions of the institutions. JQRC does not perform an accrediting role but ensures that the internal quality assurance processes of the member institutions for self-financed sub-degree programmes are rigorous and are properly implemented.

JQRC adopts a two-stage approach for the peer review of the quality assurance processes of Self-financed Sub-degree Programme Units (SSPUs) of the member institutions.  This includes a Preview stage and an Institutional Review stage. Alongside the two-stage Review Framework, JQRC also performs an endorsement role with regard to Self-financed Sub-degree Programmes submitted by member institutions for upload onto the Qualifications Register of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework.  (For details refer to Review Framework and Programme Endorsement for QR)

In addition to its review function, JQRC has a role in promoting good practices in quality assurance, and advising the Government and institutions on matters and policies related to quality and standards of sub-degree programmes.

In furtherance of its objectives, JQRC has been engaged in a number of projects which help to promote the quality of Self-financed Sub-degree Programmes, including

 QEG Seminar and Symposium Series : Impact of the New “334” Academic Structure on the Self-financed Sub-degree Programme Units — Meeting the Challenges through Professional Exchange

 Tracking survey of graduates from self-financed Associate Degree  and Higher Diploma  programmes 

 Publication of  Good Practices in Quality Assurance: A Handbook for Sub-degree Sector”.



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